Who's Blu?

Blu is me, Dan Blumeyer, the owner and operator of Blu’s Brews. Blu is a nickname of mine from high school around the time Old School came out and everyone thought I was “[their] boy.” I’ve been roasting coffee beans since 2008 when I picked it up as a hobby in college. I roasted coffee as gifts for friends and family for years, but at the beginning of 2021, I decided to start selling the beans I’d roast through Instagram. And just like that, Blu’s Brews was founded. 

I’m convinced coffee should be locally and freshly roasted, environmentally sustainable, ethically traded, and affordable. When I first tasted freshly-roasted coffee, I couldn’t believe the difference in taste over the beans sold on the shelves in the grocery store or even local coffee shops. I learned the sharp bitterness I tasted in other beans was actually a sign of how stale they were. Freshly-roasted coffee became my favorite coffee.

I love being able to offer my community quality coffee at affordable prices, but I love connecting with people even more. As a small roast-to-order business, I can form a direct relationship with my customers and learn their flavor preferences to suggest new and exciting coffee experiences. I love talking coffee, so feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions or requests. I’m your boy.